Recruiting Outstanding Postdoctoral researchers Abroad


Overview of Soochow University

Situated in the historical and picturesque city of Suzhou, a metropolis popularly hailed as “the Paradise on Earth”, Soochow University is a national key university listed in the Project 211 and a first-class member institute in the “2011 Program”. With 24 colleges and schools, the university now has 134 undergraduate programs, 4 national key disciplines, 8 provincial preponderant disciplines and 5 provincial key sequence disciplines of Jiangsu province, in addition to 15 key provincial Level I disciplines of the 13th Five Year Plan. Up till now, altogether 8 disciplines have been listed in the top 1% in the Global ESI, including 2 of them in the top 1‰.

Currently, Soochow University houses one Nobel Prize winner, 6 academicians in Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 3 academicians from developed countries. Meanwhile, 15 researchers of the university are enlisted in the “1000 Talents Program”, and another 46 are in the “1000 Youth Talents Program”. Besides, 6 Special Term Professors of the university are awarded by the “Changjiang Scholars Program”, with another 3 being awarded by the “ChangJiang Young Scholars Program”. In addition, the university also accommodates 21 winners of the “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 32 winners of the “Fund for Excellent Youths”, 1 member of the “10 Thousand Talents Plan—Distinguished Talents Plan”, 3 members of the “10 Thousand Talents Plan—Technical Innovation Leading Talents Plan”, and 3 members for the “10 Thousand Talents Plan—Young Elite Support Plan”.

With 29 postdoctoral research stations, Soochow University now stands at the first place among all the regional colleges and universities in terms of the quantities of postdoctoral stations. Specifically, these research stations cover the following disciplines: mathematics, clinical medicine, philosophy, Chinese history, materials science and engineering, physics, applied economics, political sciences, foreign languages and literatures, chemical engineering and technology, Marxist theory, zootechny, statistics, business administration, software engineering, Chinese language and literature, preclinical medicine, chemistry, sports, textile science and engineering, optical engineering, laws, pedagogy, design science, public health and preventive medicine, computer science and technology, pharmacy, special medicine, and information and communication engineering.


Salaries & Benefits

The payment to the postdoctoral researchers under the unified recruitment will be decided by the university and the cooperated supervisor together via an annual salary system. The university provides a competitive salary and commercial health insurance for international postdoctoral researchers.

For those postdoctoral researchers unwilling to live in the school apartment for postdocs, the university would provide them with a monthly subsidy of 1000 yuan for the house they rent outside the school. The subsidy would be offered continuously till the termination date regulated in the working agreement. Besides, an initial allocation would be given to these postdoctoral researchers for the startup of their researches. For those experimental researches in natural sciences, the allocation would be 20000 yuan each person, and for the non-experimental researches in natural sciences and social sciences, it would be 10000 yuan each person. 


Contact Us

Administrative Office for Postdocs of Human Resource Department

Contacts: Wu Qi

Tel: +86-512-67503953

Address: Room 603, Aspiration Building, East Campus of Soochow University, 50 Donghuan Road, Suzhou

Official Website of Soochow University:

Website for Postdocs of Soochow University:


Contact Information

Research Station Name

College/School Involved


Contact Information

Chinese language and literature

School of Humanity

Phoenix Communication College

Qian Jiyun


Feng Bingqing

+86 512-65880503

+86 512-65881608

Chinese history

School of Social Sciences

Huang Hongshan

+86 512-65880577


School of Politics and Public Administration

Zeng Yong’an

+86 512-65880961

political sciences

Marxist theory

School of Marxism

Li Wenjuan

+86 512-62763547


School of Education

Chen Yiqiang

+86 512-65880833

business administration

Dongwu Business School

Tang Yunpei

+86 512-67162489

applied economics


Kenneth Wang School of Law

Wu Xiaoli

+86 512-65227087

foreign languages and   literatures

School of Foreign Languages

Zhu Ying

+86 512-65241104


School of Mathematical Sciences

Jin Xian

+86 512-65112637



School of Physics and Technology

Institute of Functional Nano   & Soft Materials

Zhang Yu’an


Zhong Shuai

+86 512-67870159

+86 512- 65881159

optical engineering

School of Optoelectronic Information Science & Technology

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Zhang Yu’an


Li Zhiyao

+86 512-67870159

+86 512- 67165607


College of Chemistry, the   Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Institute of Functional Nano   & Soft Materials

Yan Yunzhi


Zhong Shuai

+86 512-67060332

+86 512- 65881159

materials science and   engineering

College of Chemistry, the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

School of Iron & Steel

Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials

Yan Yunzhi


Li Zhiyao


Guan Miao


Zhong Shuai

+86 512-67060332

+86 512- 67165607

+86 512- 67165621

+86 512- 65881159

chemical engineering and   technology

College of Chemistry, the   Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Yan Yunzhi

+86 512-67060332

computer science and technology

School of Computer Science and Technology

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

School of Urban Rail Transportation

Zhang Ruoqian


Li Zhiyao


Jin Juhua

+86 512-65113107

+86 512- 67165607

+86 512-67601052

software engineering

School of Computer Science and   Technology

Zhang Ruoqian

+86 512-65113107

information and communication   engineering

School of Electronic and Information Engineering

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

School of Urban Rail Transportation

Guo Xiaowen


Li Zhiyao


Jin Juhua

+86 512-67871161

+86 512- 67165607

+86 512-67601052

textile science and engineering

College of Textile and Clothing   Engineering

School of Mechanical and   Electrical Engineering

Zhou Guoli


Li Zhiyao

+86 512-67061136

+86 512- 67165607


School of Physical Education

Hu Yang

+86 512-67161040

design science

School of Arts

Gold Mantis School of   Architecture and Urban Environment

Li Yang


Zhang Guoying

+86 512-65880451

+86 512- 65880195

preclinical medicine

School of Biology & Basic Medical Sciences

Zhou Qian

+86 512-65880139


special medicine

School of Radiation Medicine and Protection

Yi Jian

+86 512-65880052

public health and preventive   medicine

School of Public Health

Zhong Hongliang

+86 512-65883323


College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Peng Bei

+86 512-65883022

clinical medicine

First Clinical Medicine School

Peng Lei

+86 512-67781401

clinical medicine

Second Clinical Medicine School

Tang Xueyan

+86 512-67783310

clinical medicine

Children’s Clinical Medicine   School

Luo Yi

+86 512-80693528